About Us

‘remarkable’ is the trading name for Edvironment Ltd; company number 09506711; registered office Mazars LLP, 45 Church Street, Birmingham B3 2RT

Our Mission

The personal action to recycle. Turning waste materials into usable products. To highlight and increase awareness to reuse resources.

Our Inspiration

We bring a fresh approach to recycled products adding a strong and direct link to material origins and eco messaging.

Our passion

We have a strong eco value which appeals to the concerns of anyone who wants to play a role in the future of how our environment is managed. We have quietly evolved into a eco brand which allows followers to appreciate recycling processes and important eco issues.

What we do for you …

Supply Eco product
Eco Design and invention
Resource management
Closed loop recycling
Eco partnership with Keep Britain Tidy

A culture change

‘Remarkable’ is honoured to be recognized for its partnership with ‘Keep Britain Tidy’. We have always had the excitement and goal; to link our values into the campaigns and essential work of  KBT, the national heritage brand and eco charity.

For some time now, Keep Britain Tidy has been seeking a consistent source of recycled and environmental products that meet their strategic goals and environmental standards.

On their end, Remarkable is always seeking innovative ways to reuse and extend the life of waste materials. Partnering with a lifestyle brand also brings new energy into the heritage brand

We tested the idea with our target consumers, who overwhelmingly told us, “Yes, great idea, I’m interested.” This collaboration is incredibly powerful, in that it’s creating both business and environmental value in the form of a more sustainable, greener cleaner society.


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We are currently expecting all deliveries to now be in the new year.